Online Assessment

The Online Assessments offered by Horton International consist of several tests or questionnaires which are to be completed by the candidate. The combination of these tests and questionnaires are usually determined by the roles and competencies needed for the applied position. 

For example, an Online Assessment could consist of tests for verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, inductive­logical thinking and could also include a personality questionnaire. The most optimal order to complete the tests is given.

There are several different tests that can be categorized as follows:

  • Ability tests​­ to determine abilities such as concentration, logical reasoning or text comprehension.
  • Personality questionnaires ­​to determine qualities such as willingness to cooperate, ambition or sensitivity.
  • Knowledge tests​­ to determine specific professional knowledge such as language skills or mechanical reasoning.

The tools of the online assessment are certified by DNV, based on the leading European criteria of quality and employability. The system contains a lot of HR knowledge, science-based models and methods and is constantly updated with regard to standards and usability.

The assessment tools provide:

  • Optimal preparation of candidates by using training assessments.
  • Minimum risk of fraud by using state of the art testing technology.
  • Automatically composite function-specific assessments.
  • Very user-friendly interface and reports.