5 Resilience-Building Soft Skills To Develop In 2021

5 Resilience-Building Soft Skills To Develop In 2021

With the labour market experiencing the biggest shake-up for decades due to Covid-19, employees must now be more resilient to change and uncertainty than ever before.  

From those that have seen their roles transformed beyond all recognition to individuals that have moved on to a position in a totally different sector, the ability to be adaptable and robust is a must as we move towards the ‘new normal’.

Here are five soft skills well worth adding to your repertoire in order to boost your resilience and ensure that you’re ready for anything.  


If the last 18 months have shown us anything, it’s that we need to be adaptable in any situation. The ability to transition from one task or role to another seamlessly is something that takes a little practice. Nurture a positive mindset when it comes to change and face uncertainty with a willingness to learn from the experience.


The way that we work today is significantly different, with technology such as Zoom meetings taking over from the standard weekly employee get together and used instead of face-to-face client meetings.

Learning how to communicate effectively on a wide range of platforms is a must-have skill for any role. If this is an area you don’t feel confident in, practise with the platforms you are most unsure of and study up on how to use body language, how to create emails with impact and the etiquette of online meetings. With this knowledge, you’ll have the confidence to succeed in any role.  


In all roles we have customers, whether they be internal stakeholders or traditional clients.

An appreciation of the changing needs of customers is a talent that all businesses seek to nurture as it improves their experience with you and the business as a whole. Get into the habit of observing (and writing down) the needs and wants of your clients and ask yourself what you’d expect if you were in their shoes.


No business can operate without clear leadership, and regardless of your position within a company, having leadership skills and the confidence to use them where necessary is sure to get you noticed for all of the right reasons.

Think outside the box

From finding solutions to problems and creating new processes to improve efficiency, the ability to think fast and be creative when faced with an unexpected roadblock is a soft skill no business should be without.

Many of the best employees are able to find solutions to problems quickly to ensure the smooth flow of daily tasks. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you have an idea for improvement as you’ll be flexing your creativity and problem-solving muscles!

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