5 star award for Horton International Germany

5 star award for Horton International Germany

We were just given the good news that for the third year in a row, the leading business magazine WirtschaftsWoche has listed Hager Unternehmensberatung, partner of Horton International Germany as one of the best personnel consultants in 2019.

Horton partner, Hager Unternehmensberatung was awarded five stars in each of the categories “IT, Digitisation, Energy and Financial   Services” as the best industry professionals in personnel consulting.

The renowned German business magazine   ‘WirtschaftsWoche commissioned this study on the personnel  consultancy market in collaboration with Christel Gade, professor at   the IUBH International University in Bad Honnef and expert in the   headhunter industry. Between July and November, around 2,500   personnel decision-makers from German companies filled out the   specially created questionnaires and evaluated over 880 personnel   consultancies. Among other things, they stated how satisfied they were   with various personnel consulting agencies and awarded stars for good   or excellent service. This anonymous survey was supported by the DFK   (Association for Specialists and Executives)and the BDU (Federal   Association of German Management Consultants).

5 star award for Horton International Germany

Ralf Hager, founder and managing director of Hager Unternehmensberatung, which specialises in executive search,  commented about this award: “We see ourselves as a high-profile   consultancy that aims at searching for executives. Therefore, I am   particularly pleased that we are now firmly among the best personnel   consultancies in Germany in the exclusive WirtschaftsWoche ranking.   This reflects the quality and also our firmly established excellence in   processing. We know how difficult it is to find suitable candidates. For   many companies, top-quality support from executive search consultants  is essential. Meanwhile, with our more than 110   employees, we can meet the requirements placed on professional   recruitment consultancies with great efficiency.

At this point, I would also like to highlight the excellent performance and commitment of my teams, who are constantly developing our processes and thus ensuring customer satisfaction.”

Congratulations to Ralf and the Horton International team in Germany!



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