Business outlook of Hungary

Business outlook of Hungary

The CEE region is still a comfortable profit maker for the investors , and Hungary has the best comparative numbers among the countries of the region. What is the business outlook of Hungary, and what executives think about the region? Here is a short summary of the current economic status.

The CEE region looking good

Executives are still optimistic with the view of the CEE region in the medium and long term. They have a good reason for that. According to a recent prognosis, Central Europe is a relative comfortable profit maker globally for the investors. The CEE region is growing faster than any region in the world with the exception of Asia pacific. Consumer confidence, business confidence, retail sales and unemployment are reporting their best numbers in 10-20 years in many countries.

Economic overview of Hungary

In 2018, Hungary did even better than it was expected the year before. As in many other countries in the region, this was being driven by robust private consumption and gross fixed investment as EU funding has greatly supported infrastructure investment. The revenues have been performing well and inflation has been picking up in recent years, in Hungary.

Business outlook of the country

Hungary is among the first 10 priority markets for business development in the next three years. Which is a great place, considering the fact thatjust a few years ago things were so bleak in Hungary that many Western companies were reconsidering their business plans in the country. Among CEE Countries, currently Hungary has the best comparative numbers: consumer and business confidence in the country is good, real wages are very strong, the unemployment is low, and GDP in Hungary this year could be the best in 25 years.

To conclude, things have been looking good for business in the country, and this trend will continue.


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