Challenges that leaders faces

Challenges that leaders faces

What are the most demanding challenges of leaders of middle and executive levels of organizations? We have collected the most important issues from a reliable source — from the words of CEOs and executive directors facing these challenges every single day.

The life of a director in this fast-changing era is full of challenges. They need to lead and motivate a diversified group of employees, improve efficiency and achieve double-digit growth. They are not backed from the outside, either: they face an unpredictable, globalized environment, they have to keep up with competitors, meet the requirements of the government and manage the expectations of other stakeholders. In most cases, the situation is even aggravated by a multicultural organization, where communication and work management is even more complicated.

When we are meeting leaders of today’s companies we can see that most of them find these challenges difficult and managers can easily feel ill-prepared to handle them. So, what are the most important issues they face?


1. Managing change

The most challenging one is probably to understand and lead change. It is not easy to find the most proper ways to overcome the resistance against change, to deal with employees’ reactions to new situations, and to handle the consequences of change.

2. Leading a team

How to lead a big team, or what to do when you take over a new team? How can you manage, motivate, or develop your employees, and most of all, how can you build a good team out of them?

3. Developing workers

Another puzzling issue is to find the best methods for mentoring and coaching employees.

4. Inspiring others

Here comes the big question of motivating others: how to motivate your employees to do their best? How can you inspire them so that they feel satisfied in their job?

5. Improving managerial efficiency

Most directors struggle with the development of relevant skills –  such as decision-making, prioritization, time management, strategic thinking – to be more effective at work.

No question that the work of today’s leaders is complicated and demanding. Although you may feel alone with your challenges, most probably the problem you have is the same as other managers face. So leaders out there, make comfortable about the fact that you are not alone. Try to make the most out of it: you may get good advice from others who have already gone through it or probably you can also offer some great solutions for the problems you managed to overcome.

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