Data Protection

Data Protection

It seems to me that there are increasing questions being asked about social media.

There was an article in the Australian Financial Review a few months ago under the heading – NB Silicon Valley: Too much tech is ruining our lives.

It follows other instances this year where people have questioned the value of social media – pointing out that access to instant information actually prevents people using their brains and their minds to work things out for themselves.

How many people do you see each day, walking along, sitting on a train or a bus, or having a coffee (and not necessarily by themselves) – with their attention solely on the little screen in front of them? And if you are one of them, you wouldn’t know the answer of course!

Personally, I’m not on Facebook – and I consciously restrict the amount of personal information I leave anywhere.  Not that I have anything to hide (well not much anyway) – it’s simply that you just never know nowadays about people hacking into your personal data and details until it’s happened.  And the article below does nothing to encourage me to change my mind.

Sooner or later, it’s likely that this and data protection initiatives will collide.

Reference: Downloading your Facebook data can reveal unwelcome surprise
Reference source: Australian Financial Review – initially The New York Times

Article Credit: Robin Billen

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