Digitalisation & IT Sector Global Report Q1 2023

Digitalisation & IT Sector Global Report Q1 2023

The global digital transformation and the war for talent

The pandemic has accelerated the global digital transformation immensely. But some of the industry’s big players have drawn unrealistic conclusions from the special effect pandemic. But does this mean the IT & digitalisation sector is in a global depression? Not at all – the picture is much more diverse. The situation depends strongly on the sub-segment: there’s globally a strong need for managers with a background in Cyber Security, Supply Chain Solutions and AI. Furthermore there’s global need for true leaders who are able to shape and bind a team in volatile times. Apart from that there are strong regional differences in the industry climate.

Exclusively issued by Horton International, this report can offer interesting and data-backed economical insights to help you understand the long-term trends and topics in the IT & digitalisation industry. You’ll not only see differences in the economic climate but also in the importance of organisational and cultural aspects (such as diversity & inclusion, demand for remote work etc.).

We hope you’ll enjoy the insights provided in this report; we appreciate any feedback or discussion points you may have!

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