Do you want to increase productivity? Let’s play!

Do you want to increase productivity? Let’s play!

Why should you play more, too? Here come the reasons.

Play boosts creativity

It often happens that the fun of the unexpected leads us to the novelty of new ideas, thus innovation. Humor and surprise can be steps leading towards creativity – which means combining ideas in new ways, and building something that has not existed before.

 Play can make a team

Organized play usually have common goals and simple rules. Which is highly useful for teams and their work because they unite people. On top of that, employees can experience that their efforts contribute to the whole, and their work matters toward a goal shared with others.

 Play can bring more life to work

Play can be a useful tool for creating stronger connections with other team members. Through bringing our full selves to work, and knowing others more deeply, we can bring more life to our work. With the help of a game, we can get to know our teammates better: what motivates them, and what we have in common with them.

 Play helps us blow off steam

We have just published a note on the negative effects of stressful management practices on health. However, play can help people get away from their work temporarily, and reduce the intensity of their stress level. This renewal is not only important because of our overall well-being and health, but it contributes greatly to our productivity, as well.

 As a leader, your focus must be on your organization’s productivity. Being effective at work is a crucial factor both for individuals and the whole team. However, it seems that effective and productive work cannot only be done through hard work, but also through injecting a bit more play into work. So, play on!

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