Driving in Traffic – A unique managerial Assessment tool

Driving in Traffic – A unique managerial Assessment tool

Driving in Traffic – A unique managerial Assessment tool

Yes folks, you read it right!!


Like you, I was zapped when I heard it first – from a young brilliant lady HR professional

– who we had placed as Head HR Shared services APAC with a multi billion dollar MNC

– and who in 2 years rose to Head HR for APAC

She is a premium MBA – with over 10 years experience in companies like GE – and now over 5 years in the multi billion dollar – mnc engineering conglomerate

A consummate professional who is is exposed to International best practices

Thus I had to sit up & take notice


Was she joking??

NO sir – she was DEAD SERIOUS – and actually practiced what she was preaching (of course in addition to other established tools).

At an appropriate stage – she asked the potential senior management hiree/employee to take her to a destination (another office etc) – through a route she knew would be full of traffic.

And she observed the person as he/she navigated the traffic

She explained why this works and what she looks for..


When you drive in the midst of heavy traffic:

  • You are fully focussed on driving/the traffic – and thus not on guard/or realize that this is actually a test of your managerial abilities/competencies
  • You are under stress – and you either get stressed/upset/curse/yell etc  – or remain cool & calm (ability to handle stress / stressful situations)
  • You have to take split second decisions as you navigate through heavy traffic (decisiveness)
  • To thread through traffic – you plan/strategize – change lanes in advance/nudge your way through to get ahead/ in your desired path (planning / strategizing) – do you make abrupt shifts or slowly and steadily nudge your way –one step at a time in a determined sequential manner to reach your lane/position
  • Do you push your way through at all costs – getting upset when things don’t go your way or give way where required – but wait for your opportunity to calmly but surely forge ahead – planning/organizing – strategizing + drive & determination


These are just the top line, but you can see just why this can be such a powerful assesment tool.

I am sure you will have more – lets chat! The more the merrier.

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