Five critical competencies for leadership in the future

Five critical competencies for leadership in the future

The world changes quickly, and any company unable to go with the flow, can easily end up left behind. The decisions that managing directors face day by day become more and more unpredictable as the speed of technology forces further change. That is why managers are required to cultivate specific new competencies that are crucial to thrive in this modern age.

1. Leading change

One crucial competency that CEOs should have today is the ability to lead change and to help their employees be resilient through the new situations.

2. Develop an adaptive mindset

To navigate successfully through this new world order, directors have to be comfortable with unknown situations.Those leaders can succeed in this changing environment, who can rapidly react, and can get early and frequent feedback that enables constant fine tuning.

3. Never stop learning

Another important competency leaders need to learn is, actually, learning. A successful manager should have a continuous passion for learning new skills, getting to know new technologies and trends.

4. Develop People

Most importantly: a good CEO need to lead through his influence and not through his authority. This means that he should model the behaviors that they seek, create learning forums, and help people in building their skill set and attitude that they miss.

5. Clear communication

Communication and clarity are key to effective leadership. Directors should constantly clarify the current situation with respect to changing external demands. Furthermore, managers have to help their employees in clarifying the meaning of their work, as well.

It seems, that change is inevitable, but with a commitment to learning, collaboration, and agility, leaders need not fear the novelties that the new era brings.

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