Future Ready Expertise

Future ready Expertise: We help to build a team strong in every position

Over the last 40 years at Horton international we’ve  gathered a huge wealth of data and research material on the development of markets – and for specific sectors. This intelligence helps us to look beneath the surface, to understand why businesses change and how. And our research teams are constantly collecting more market intelligence in countries all over the globe . How can this help you? Our clients can leverage this knowledge base to identify merger and acquisition targets, find strategic partners, select distributors and acquire agents. We provide you with background information on key executives, furnish competitive data, perform benchmarking and offer market-specific compensation advice. Furthermore, our international network is constantly growing, including close relations to industry leaders and potential candidates. This is how we learn about change in the field of organisational structure and management capabilities before others do – and give our clients a head start. To perform well today – and tomorrow.

Thanks to our future ready expertise our customers gain decisive advantages. Here are just a few of the benefits you can look forward to:

Our expertise brings in practical industry-specific insights and know-how to find candidates who will build the industry’s future in even the most highly specialised branches. How do we do that?