Handwriting Analysis – a powerful Personality assessment science

Handwriting Analysis – a powerful Personality assessment science

They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, well it would seems that a hand-written paragraph is worth even more!Graphology, more simply known as Handwriting Analysis, is becoming a popular and accepted means of assessing applicant personality prior to employment.

Handwriting is as unique to each individual as their fingerprints and a reliable indicator of personality and behavior.

As an emerging science, Graphology is gaining the attention of academics the world over as this science develops into a reliable and valid measuring instrument for a variety of applications, e.g. personnel selection, career coaching, team building and more.

Graphology, like conventional personality tests is utilized to measure personality constructs of the individual. So, what makes handwriting analysis so unique- as personality measurement tool?

Graphology can be applied in various fields, including

Inquiry into Yourself Who You Are – Graphology helps an individual to know their strengths, weaknesses, innermost fears and your defense mechanisms, and see himself in new light. Graphology can help in understanding and removing the mental blocks to achieve greater personal and professional success and self-growth.

Know Your Relationships – Know the every aspect and the hidden aspect of personality so that you will understand them much better with reasons and improve relationship.

Child Development – From child’s handwriting or by parents knowing handwriting analysis they will know about the child much more than he is showing and behaving.

Career Selection for Child – Graphology can help you and your child in selecting the right career. Is he artistic, is he creative, is he very mechanically oriented, is he a fast thinker, is he a analytical person, is he expressive, is he outgoing.

Selecting a Life Partner – Even though you have selected your partner, graphology can help you to improve your relationships and compatibility by knowing each other’s needs and requirements and how they behave in a particular situation.

Selecting a Business Partner – Graphology can help give you to select right business partner who can take right decision at the right time.

Employee Selection / Recruitment – Graphology can help in selecting right people for the job. Who’s titled for which job, will he give maximum output in that area.

Criminology – Graphology can speed up investigation via writing and signature of a suspect and solve cases.


Graphology – provides some unique features / advantages for recruitment

1) The candidate can write in any language. The analysis can be done whether the graphologist understands the language of the writer or not. Handwriting Analysis cannot determine: age, race, religion or gender and is not influenced by appearance, positive self reporting or attempts to portray a positive image, which therefore reduces the subjectivity factor of the technique.

2) Faking is almost impossible with graphology as the applicant is unable to control the brain impulses which are projected on paper. Nor is the applicant aware of how to manipulate the writing. Any attempt to change the writer’s normal handwriting would be easily identified by a technically trained and experienced graphologist.

3) For job seekers handwriting analysis provides an added bonus in that it requires no painful or embarrassing interviews which a sensitive candidate is likely to see as an invasion of privacy. Because of nervousness, an otherwise perfectly qualified applicant may not be able to do justice to an interview.

4) As a result, the employer may end up with a completely incorrect assessment of the applicant’s suitability for the post. Such analysis can identify, among other things, motivation, drive, strengths, weaknesses, emotional stability, flexibility, creativity, communication styles, work style, sales style and management style

5) Strict code of ethics Professional graphologists adhere to a strict code of ethics and reports are balanced and impartial. The professional graphologist would also not attempt an analysis without the consent

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