Horton International EMEA Partners Conference – Frankfurt

Horton International EMEA Partners Conference – Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany, September 13th, 2017 — Horton International is a leading global executive search firm with over 40 offices across 31 countries. The firm was founded in Connecticut, USA and has almost 40 years of global leadership in executive search and management consulting.

Horton International’s annual EMEA conference took place, this year, in Frankfurt, on September 8th and 9th. All EMEA partners attended the meeting in order to streamline future strategies and to align business needs.

Horton International Group’s chairman of the board, Andreas Wartenberg, stated: “It is extremely encouraging to see how closely and successfully our Group is working together. Whether it’s multi-country searches or clients we are serving in multiple locations, this Group has a lot to offer and it’s people are passionate about that.”

The conference was split into two main topics. While the first sessions were focused on business-driven topics, the second conference day was about positioning the strengths and benefits of the group to our clients. It was found that positioning in the global market requires tailored solutions to further demonstrate the advantages of working together with our group. This can only be achieved by using state of the art tools that are available only to a few highly specialised executive search companies. Therefore, the clients’ needs can be met immediately.

Ross Eades, CEO of Horton International, commented: “The EMEA conference demonstrated again how strong the group already is and that within the group there is still a high degree of untapped potential. The conference also showed how solid our commitments are towards clients and that this is recognisable from inside and outside of the group. A great success for all of us!”

The Conference was closed by stipulating new enhanced procedures among Horton International EMEA partners. The Chairman, Andreas Wartenberg, was very satisfied with the outcome of the two day conference.

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