Horton International Germany reacts to the Leadership Positions Act passed by the German government.

Horton International Germany reacts to the Leadership Positions Act passed by the German government.

With the newly passed parliamentary draft,  Horton International Germany, is committed to proposing 50 percent female candidates when filling mandates for executive and supervisory board positions.

At the beginning of the year, the German government cleared the way for more women on company boards and passed a bill to improve the participation of women in management positions. The obligatory goal is to significantly increase the proportion of women in management positions.

“We are pleased that this goal strengthens the representation of diversity in companies. Neither gender nor age nor origin or social background should be the decisive factors for filling management positions. The decisive factors should be ability, performance, personality, talent and experience in order to actually live equal opportunities,” says Ralf Hager, founder and managing director at Hager Unternehmensberatung, and Horton International partner in Germany, which is based in Frankfurt/a. M.

“In order to actively support this with our clients as well, we will be obligated to present a balanced list of candidates for mandates to be filled at board or supervisory board level and to include 50 percent women. We have been supporting our clients for many years in the establishment and acceptance of diverse, i.e. heterogeneous teams, and also place numerous top-level positions with women. Through our extensive network, we also have a corresponding talent pool of qualified female managers. Therefore, we also know that there is a sufficient number of highly qualified, suitable female executives to fill board positions regardless of the industry,” explains Ralf Hager.

Often it just takes the corresponding will and above all the courage of the decision-makers and those in charge to open themselves up to the career paths of excellent female candidates.

In the current ranking of WirtschaftsWoche, Hager Unternehmensberatung was listed among the best personnel consultants in 2020 for the fourth time in a row with 5 stars in six sectors. This award reflects the recognition and appreciation of clients for the service as an executive search consultancy as well as the unbiased view of the best and most suitable candidates.

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