Horton International – The World of Mountaineering and the World of Executive Search

Horton International – The World of Mountaineering and the World of Executive Search

The world of Executive Search is changing. Traditional executive search practices are no longer enough for organizations. Instead, the future of executive search is about focussing on the client’s needs; helping them to exceed their targets and supporting them in getting their business to the top.

At Horton International, our main goal is not to simply fill a position with a candidate. Our priority is filling companies with the very best candidates for their organization, the ones who are driven to succeed in every aspect of their career. We search for the candidates who can help them get to the top, who share their company’s vision, and will support them in the goals held by their employers. 

Reach for the Top: Peak Performance Through Professional Development

Imagine for a minute – two mountaineering rope teams. One succeeds in reaching the summit together as a team while the other team fails. Naturally, there could be an element of luck involved, but there are decisive factors at play that influence one team’s success, and the other team’s failure.

Let’s take a look at this from another angle: for mountaineers, it is critical to have a sound plan in place, to know where they are going, to prepare well for it, to have a realistic and foreseeable view of what’s ahead. However, the most important aspect is to be surrounded by people with the skills that they can rely on to take them to the top. It’s about utilising each other’s strengths and building up the weaknesses until they are no longer as such.

‘The mountaineer philosophy’ and its common attributes is something we relate to at Horton International, and a guide we stick to when it comes to the way we work.

All Around the World and Just Around the Corner, to Find the Perfect Team

In our search for potential candidates that will suit our clients, we do exactly what those successful mountaineering teams do – we take the time to understand and familiarise ourselves with the terrain. We’ll go through our client’s company plan meticulously, and this will help us to ask the following questions about each candidate: are they a good fit for the company’s plan and the key criteria they have set? Do they have the right skills for the job, and does that skillset match up with the rest of the team? If they get hired, will they be in a position that gives them the potential to reach new heights, or will they end up weighed down?

Here at Horton International, being thorough is the mantra we live by with regards to candidate selection. We strongly believe that there are a number of parallels between the world of business, and that of mountaineering. Both of them have common factors that lead to success and the desired outcome. After all, your company can only be as successful as those who are working within in; they are your hinges and can open or close a number of doors. Passion drives a team, and that is why you need to ensure you hire the right people. We’re here to help, whether you are in the process of reaching greater heights in your business, or you’re headed straight for the top.


Your Dreams are Our Goals – Together to the Top

As a group, we want nothing more than to strengthen your organisation’s success and help you reach the top.

With future-ready expertise, we help to build a team that’s strong in every position imaginable – leaving no room for weak spots. Our Executive Search helps you recruit only the most talented and experienced professionals who understand how to be a part of your success and have the passion to get you there. With multi-country searches, bespoke management consulting, and over 40 offices in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific region, we are well positioned and dedicated to helping you recruit and retain the ideal professionals from around the world.



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