How Leaders Can Keep Remote Workers Happy, Motivated & Productive

How Leaders Can Keep Remote Workers Happy, Motivated & Productive

Research suggests that by 2025, an estimated 70% of the workforce will be working remotely for at least five days a month. Furthermore, more than two-thirds of businesses are planning to permanently move employees to remote work. While remote working has been practical for safety during the COVID pandemic, businesses and employees have quickly seen the benefits of remote working.

For businesses, one of the biggest benefits is productivity. 94% of employers believe that remote working provides the same or higher levels of productivity. In the US alone, remote working can save over $4.5 trillion per year. This is thanks to the agility, flexibility and productivity that remote working can bring. Furthermore, 85% of businesses confirm that greater location flexibility can increase productivity.

For many employees, remote working is quickly becoming non-negotiable. 76% of workers believe they would be more loyal to employers with flexible working options, and 61% of employees have even left a job due to their lack of work flexibility.

So, with remote working becoming essential, leaders need to understand how to navigate a remote working future.

While remote working can offer significant benefits, for leaders, it can be a challenge to manage a remote team. So, what can leaders do to manage a remote team and keep them happy, healthy and productive?



*Article edited June 2021 with updated data.

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