How to Get Yourself Noticed In A Competitive Environment

How to Get Yourself Noticed In A Competitive Environment

Now that the world is beginning to return to normal, an increasing number of ambitious employees are setting their sights on moving closer towards their career goals; they’re looking to take that next step on the ladder with a new position.

Unfortunately, moving forwards isn’t a choice you can make alone. Deciding that you’re ready to move onwards and upwards is just one part of the equation… you also need to make an impact on the people that can make this happen: recruiters.

Recruiters see a huge number of CVs, emails, and messages come in every day. And with the mass exodus that’s taking place during the pandemic, the number of people looking for new jobs is growing. Only so many can make the shortlist…

… so how can you make sure you’re on it?

Here are some top tips for getting seen… and making an impression:

●      Position yourself as a leader

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to sit back and assume recruiters will see leadership qualities in you simply because you’re already in a leadership role. But the truth is that, while managers are made through experience, true leadership comes from within. Being a leader isn’t about a title, it’s about character.

People don’t deserve a role just because that’s the next logical step on the career ladder; they deserve a role because they have the skills and qualities it takes to succeed in such a position. Recruiters don’t notice people because of their job title; they notice them for the things that make them the right person for the role.

There are two crucial characteristics that recruiters are often searching for. Firstly, a willingness to accept and learn from mistakes in the past, helping to shape behaviours in the here-and-now. Secondly, a future-focused mindset that doesn’t lead a team based on where they are now, but where they need to be tomorrow.

Top Tip: Use professional networks such as LinkedIn to provide more information about your role beyond your title, giving recruiters more insight into the real you.

●      Highlight your relevant achievements

Boasting about professional achievements – especially when no one’s asked – can feel a little awkward. But the fact is that research shows those who are clear about their strengths are more likely to be viewed as competent  by recruiters than those who keep their achievements under wraps. It pays to be open and confident.

Consider that busy recruiters sometimes spend less than 10 seconds filtering out CVs. If you want to be headhunted, you need to ensure that your achievements are clearly communicated and easy to see. That’s what’s going to cause recruiters to take a second glance, and what’s going to differentiate you from the competition.

However, it’s important to remember that achievements don’t always stand on their own two feet in the eyes of a recruiter. A recruiter cares little about what your achievements are; what they care about is what these achievements mean in terms of your ability to adapt, succeed, and thrive working in a higher-level position.

Top Tip: Frame your achievements to create a link between what you’ve managed in the past, and how this will help you to navigate challenges in the future.

●      Promote and manage your personal brand

It’s reported that more than half of recruiters wouldn’t consider a candidate without a social media presence. However, simply having a presence isn’t enough. With 55% of candidates rejected following a social media check, it’s important that your digital presence portrays strong, powerful, and impactful personal branding.

Just as businesses have professional brands that encompass their history, their message, their vision, and their customers all into a single persona, it’s important for job seekers to do the same. Especially at a time when recruiters are increasingly using social media and other online sources to get a better understanding of them.

Everything – from who you follow and how often you post to the type of content you share and the brands you interact with – contribute towards your personal brand. Recruiters can build up an accurate persona from your personal brand, so try to ensure you’re using digital platforms in a way that aligns with your professional goals

Top Tip: Maximise awareness amongst recruiters by using a broad selection of digital platforms, but always ensure consistency in your branding across each channel. 

●      Take a broad approach

It’s important to remember that, when searching for the perfect candidate, recruiters aren’t just focused on your niche-specific actions and behaviours. They also take into account wider activities that demonstrate a commitment to improvement, and a desire to remain at the forefront of the broader industry.

Recruiters don’t want you to provide hard proof that you can do the job. No one knows that until you’re in the position to demonstrate your impact. What they do want is proof that you are dedicated to becoming the type of person who has what it takes to succeed in such a role. And fortunately, that’s easier to demonstrate!

Make sure that you’re communicating any personal or professional development achievements, such as seminars, courses, conferences, or training, even if not directly related to the sort of role you’re hoping to land in the future. It all shows you’re taking an active role in development and willing to improve your processes.

Top Tip: Engage in development opportunities even if they seem distanced from your career path, and don’t be afraid to engage with broader communities.

A Quick Guide to Success

Do be clear and confident in your abilities, skills, and talents

Do focus on the job you want, not on the job you have

Do build a strong online presence that recruiters can easily find

Do consider your inherent strengths, rather than just professional experience


Don’t be afraid to stand out and differentiate yourself from others

Don’t limit yourself; look for ways to expand your presence across the industry

Don’t let your personal branding work against you

Don’t let recruiters overlook your most important qualities and characteristics








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