How to improve your leadership presence?

How to improve your leadership presence?

Although leadership presence is hard to define, it is a crucial quality of all (potential) managers. This is the one which triggers the “wow” effect, and gives your career an extra boost.


Leadership presence is how you communicate both verbally and non-verbally, how you make others feel, and how you show up. It is a blending of personal and interpersonal skills that when combined, it makes your audience feel amazed. This quality should be rooted in your basic values, however, small behavioral changes can make a powerful effect on how others see you.


Here are some tips that can instantly increase your leadership presence:


1. Self confidence

This one is an indispensable personality trait of having strong leadership presence. Confident leaders are assured, self-motivated, and willing to take risks.


2. Warm body language

Positive body language including warm and open body language radiates charisma. Friendly eye contact, smiles, and open postures, exposed palms are all key factors in giving a positive and persuasive picture of ourselves.


3. Be part of your team

Personal connection is key when it comes to making great impact on others. Leaders who are present for their employees and make connection with their team are perceived as more down to earth, which creates greater credibility and trust.


4. Learn to focus

You want to demonstrate strong character, which is difficult if you lose focus and deviate from your mission. The greatest leaders can follow through, execute and focus on their team, mission, commitments and strategy through both good and bad times.


5. Lead yourself first

The best leaders worked with top coaches, mentors and have already faced their inner conflicts and overcame their fears. Intense self-work is needed to get to a certain level of self-acceptance, compassion, humor, which results in a strong, positive presence.


As a manager, you are perceived by your confidence, credibility, connection and charisma. There are many attitudinal strategies that can improve your leadership presence, these simple five tips are a good place to start.

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