How To Provide The Very Best Experience To Employees

How To Provide The Very Best Experience To Employees
How To Provide The Very Best Experience To Employees

Companies in search of peak performance are aware more than ever that employee experience is not a nice to have, but an absolute must! People are changing roles, searching out the perfect mix of fulfilment in their role, an improved work-life-balance along with the right benefits. As a result, it is more important than ever to create a truly happy workforce and keep that top talent in your businessBut how do you do that?


How an organisation can provide the very best experience to their employees

According to HR leaders, enhancing employee experience is a practice embedded in the company ethos. It is the systematic way through which a company designs and curates long term policies to ensure employee satisfaction. Creating policies based upon enhanced employee experience will always have the employees at the very heart of the policy making.

The employee experience starts from the moment a job offer is accepted. It involves your company culture, the benefits offered, the communications within the organizations, the work environment, the tools provided and development opportunities.

If you are looking to increase employee retention rates, take a look at these tips:


Start at the very beginning – Create a great onboarding experience

Along with all the necessary tasks such as getting set-up with appropriate kit etc, you need a programme that makes a new employee feel valued, welcomed and gives them what they need to do their job, from the very beginning.

The programme should also be tailored depending on the audience so that it truly speaks to them and what they are joining to do.


Lead by example – Organizational Culture

Organizational culture, once practiced by the leadership team automatically trickles down to the employees. It is anchored in HR policies which place the employee first and truly cares for them. Policies which include and promote features such as:

–       Flexibility (such as the ability to work remotely when possible)

–       Autonomy

–       Accountability

–       Collaboration

–       Transparency

–       Diversity

–       Inclusion


Communication is key

Internal communications are vital in creating a real sense of involvement and community within a company, especially at a time when more and more people are working remotely.

Engaging a workforce by asking for their feedback and opinions, including them in decisions and sharing knowledge all helps to make them feel valued, involved and part of a community.

And how best to communicate?

Make use of the technology that is available now, that could be collaboration tools such as Slack, or video conferencing that enables you to still have face to face meetings and keep global & remote teams connected.


Work Place Technology

Outdated work place technology causes frustration, with updated systems and seamless technology, employees perform and communicate better. Technology that assists efficient performance and connectivity is considered one of the most important tools that aids employee experience.


Physical Space

It may not be something you’d think of immediately, but physical space has a huge impact on employee productivity and satisfaction. The way the office is set up, it’s take on open door policy, accessible infrastructure all have a significant role to play in how an employee feels about the work place.


Investing in wellness and wellbeing

Some companies will offer gym memberships or may have an on-site facility as part of the benefits package, but also offering employees support by providing programmes for mental health and emotional wellness is just as important, and can help reduce sickness along with stress-related issues.


Promoting career development

If an employee can see a real possibility of career progression and feel they are being invested in, they are much more likely to stay on with a company. Taking the time to discuss career goals, along with giving access to mentors who can coach and help develop will all help to nurture loyal employees.


“Coaching is the most potent tool for introducing lasting personal change.” Anja de Leeuw – Horton International Executive Coach


So how does a company judge how it’s faring on the employee experience meter? Here are some simple ways to go about it:


Employee Surveys: Regular employee surveys that take feedback from the workforce about their opinions can be a game changer. It makes the employees feel involved in company policies and helps leadership gain direct insight in the employee experience pulse.


But don’t ignore that feedback!

Once you have received the feedback, make sure it is acted upon. Employees are much more likely to engage and share their honest thoughts if they know their opinions are listened to. By sharing feedback results with the organisation and explaining how changes are being made (where necessary) it will develop trust within the company.


Adapt best practices from the best companies in the world

Google is said to be one of the best employers in the world.

They rate the highest in providing employee satisfaction and many organizations all over the world ape Google HR policies to ensure employee experience.

Employee Experience is an amalgamation of many functions working together seamlessly to enhance the organizations over all functioning. Measuring it at regular intervals and ensuring it is something the top organizations of the world are always doing.


At a time when employees have more choices than ever and companies need to retain their talent, employee experience can’t be ignored.

It’s time to take a proper look at your offering and, where necessary, make changes that will have a positive impact on your employees. By making these changes, you’ll be creating an environment where people really want to come to work.


At Horton International, we understand how vital employee experience is to the success and growth of any company. This is why we offer a range of services, including management consultation, to help create a better and more productive workplace. At the point where many consultancies are already calling it a day, we’re just getting started with our efforts to support you, ensuring your success and helping you get your business to the top.

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