Organizational Development

Corporate culture has an impact on the organization’s productivity and performance; and it defines guidelines for all the company’s activity.

Corporate culture is created by values and behavioral characteristics which form part of a given company’s unique social and psychological environment.

Corporate culture includes an organization’s vision, experiences, philosophy, and the values represented by each employee. Culture reflects the company’s self-image in terms of how employees carry out their tasks and how they relate to the external business environment. Employees’ attitudes, beliefs, customs, written and unwritten rules reveal how much freedom they enjoy in decision-making (level of empowerment), information flows, staff commitment and dress culture.

We support our partners in enhancing their commercial success, providing expert assistance in the following areas:

  • mission, vision
  • corporate values, corporate culture
  • internal communication
  • satisfaction surveys
  • leadership style, communication
  • leadership team alignment
  • building competency systems