We live in an era of unprecedented business disruption generally, and this is undoubtedly true in the global Consumer Goods and Retail sector.  Dynamism and adaptability are essential for consumer businesses. Companies that traditionally operated B2B models now also need to excel in a B2C world.

Data is now critical. Decisionmakers need to use their data and analytics to gain meaningful insight to learn what their ever-demanding customers expect of their products and services. Furthermore, there needs to be a seamless integration between traditional and ever-evolving online models to stand out from the increasing competition.

These challenges require new processes, new technologies and most of all, new capabilities in people.  AI, automation and digital technology will reshape the competency needs of Consumer Goods and Retail businesses.  To deliver on all aspects, while maintaining ’business as usual’, requires the vision, strategy and leadership of executives with exceptional talent and diverse profiles.

Our consultants in the Consumer Practice come directly from this sector, bringing deep and current experience as well as local market expertise. This provides strong insight that enables us to understand precisely the real challenges and issues our clients are facing.  On a daily basis, we strive to remain up to date on sector trends, key players, and high-level networking and relationship building. 

By doing this, we are proud of being not only trusted Executive Search partners but also being Executive Business partners. 

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Here at Horton International’s Consumer Practice, we are trusted Executive Search partners, partnering closely with leading companies and brands in this diverse sector. 

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