Food & beverage

Food and Beverages

Food and Beverage companies are facing changing demands with consumers being much more diversified, self-driven in their buying decisions, and less brand loyal.  We see a new generation of digital consumers becoming more powerful, having wide access to information, and expecting companies to react to their needs and wants instantly. 

As a consequence, the retail value chain becomes increasingly compressed, forcing key players to move their supply chains closer to consumers, with shorter product lifecycles and necessary increased use of advanced technologies. 

Existing retail business models continue to undergo disruption, with modern digital interactions and radical new distribution models emerging under what might be termed a “dynamic omnichannel” context.  This means ‘traditional’ retail markets are facing new challenges, with new competitors from other, non-traditional sectors entering with their own retail platforms.

In leadership teams, big data, analytics and informed business development are core functions for companies moving on the right path to create new value propositions.  This requires business leaders with strategic focus and the ability to adapt to accelerating change, and also requires skills in agility, innovation, digitisation and value creation.  All are essential in building the right culture and to be a part of tomorrow’s business.

Horton International’s Consumer Practice, composed of former Executives of some leading consumer product companies, operates as true business partners with our clients, bringing deep experience in food and beverages.  We work collaboratively with local and global players, within both retail and manufacturing of branded goods, to find the best and right talent, forming tomorrow’s business leaders of consumer organisations.