Within our Digitisation & IT Technology Practice we underpin our clients’ success by securing the right leaders for their digitisation endeavours.  This Practice focuses on clients with no primary technology-focused business model, whose businesses are, nonetheless, strongly affected by the impact of digitisation. The Digitisation sub-segment helps by finding, attracting and selecting candidates of high potential to address the varied ramifications for each client’s individual business model.

We target three main areas: Disruption, Customer Experience and Operational Excellence.  In general all companies will be strongly influenced by one of these specialisations.  The degree of influence does not determine to what extent each needs to address change created by the digital revolution in their business.

Digital transformation requires a new kind of leader to master large change management programmes and their impact – the Transformational Leader.  One way to think of such individuals is that they differentiate themselves from day-to-day people management and operational tasks and go beyond traditional leadership methodologies.  These individuals foster team building, collaboration and push team performance by setting aspirational goals, while promoting change to help a company “think digitally”.

Horton International has completed many assignments in the Digitisation sector, such as placing the ‘textbook’ Chief Digital Officer or Head of Operational Excellence.  We have established and nurtured an extensive international network, built on a thorough understanding of the Digitisation & IT sector, as well as the special demands and challenges that this industry creates.  Our methodological approach has shown us to be highly capable of finding, differentiating and attracting these Transformational Leaders for our clients, providing for them the next career step they desired but were not aware of.

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