Electronics Embedded Systems

Electronics Embedded Systems

Electronics surround us in our everyday life – lying ‘hidden’ in smartphones, automobiles, medical devices, airplanes etc. – and we are all aware of its importance in underpinning security, mobility, agility and ergonomics.

Electronics is inevitably paired with software technologies as, in combination, these enable innovative functionality and applications.  It serves different markets; for instance, a market driven by research and innovation, with Electronics being a component or a complex system whose players are major semiconductor and real-time embedded system companies. It also serves a mass-market driven by price, whose players are recognised consumer-oriented brands delivering affordable consumer electronics.

The market is constantly facing new challenges due to rapidly shifting consumption trends. Revolutionary new applications, such as A.I., autonomous vehicles, IOT and the overlap of all these, need ever-expanding processing power and sensory capabilities.  Manufacturers within specific industries (automotive, telecommunications, etc.) now rely on fewer semiconductor manufacturers, and the right choice of partnerships is more than ever vital to remain in the race.

We are ideally positioned to find and attract the future leaders of this sector.  Our Practice group members all are strongly networked internationally, have personal competence in, and a thorough understanding of the segment and its special demands, as well as knowledge of the challenges and particular needs of this industry.

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