Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT

One of Horton International’s Digitisation & IT Technology sub segments is Enterprise IT.  This focus area comprises the technology, staff & management, processes, data, and technologies that support the enterprise; sometimes this is referred to as the organisation’s IS functions.

Most organisations have an IT department, providing optimal support for core business processes,  customised to the specific IT needs of each organisation; ideally, that is.  However, it is not only business processes that influence IT departments, but also technological change and evolving commercial requirements that need to be reflected and implemented.

The traditional Head of the IT department is the Chief Information Officer (CIO), who serves as the organisation’s senior information technology manager.  The CIO ensures that the organisation’s Enterprise IT infrastructure is aligned with its prioritised business goals and needs.  New additional leadership roles have emerged in these times of digitisation, such as Chief Enterprise Architect (CEA), Chief Data Officer (CDO), Chief Digital Officer (also CDO!) and Chief Web Officer (CWO).

Horton International’s teams have the experience, market knowledge and track record to support in building clients’ executive teams across CIO / CDO departments.


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