Infrastructure and Devices

Infrastructure and Devices

Infrastructure and Devices is a sub-segment in the Digitisation & IT Technology sector within Horton International.  

Subjects gathering practical momentum include The Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Mobility, Analytics, Autonomous computing and the list is growing.  As traditional businesses adapt to the realities of the new machine age, the implications for their IT departments are profound.  IT Infrastructure is the foundation layer of the digitisation and modernisation of any IT environment.  As a result, Infrastructure is increasingly confronted with a growing range of change as businesses transition to more of a result-driven IT environment.  This entails development of a broad range of new products, solutions and services, while creating an opportunity for both well established players in the market and emerging players on the rise. 

Current focus topics for Horton International include Cloud Solutions, Security, and Datacentre Services.  Furthermore, we have extensive experience from server-over-storage solutions to active and passive network components, all to support the evolving needs of our clients. 

We are a well accepted adviser to providers of hardware & software solutions, specialised solution providers, and companies with complex and strategic IT environments.  With our extensive and active international colleague network, and our thorough understanding of this evolving segment, we regularly complete mission-critical executive assignments for such companies.


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