Software companies help their clients to optimize their processes, structure and analyse information and protect their assets.  Software layers range from IT infrastructure software, databases and middleware, to business applications in, for example, HR, Finance or Marketing.  Today’s software market is dominated by a small number of global enterprise companies offering a broad portfolio of solutions.  However, these established enterprise players are increasingly being challenged by “new kids on the block”: start-ups with innovative solutions and compelling technology, benefiting from lower barriers of entry.

We have expertise, and are currently working in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Cyber Security.  But we do not stand still – we know that this industry constantly evolves, as does our knowledge.  Software companies need strategic and creative leaders who can transform their businesses for the long term.  These leaders, equally, have high expectations of companies in terms of their flexibility, ability to execute and to have impact.  We are able to seek out the right people and to match these expectations, for both sides.

In the software sector Horton International has been supporting clients, ranging from well-known market leaders, to hidden champions and start-ups, for more than two decades by introducing and acquiring new, competent and highly skilled leaders and executives.

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