Our customers are well known or highly specialised firms with unique know-how that is always in demand – even during uncertain economic cycles. With a long-term investment approach as well as rural location challenges and incredible innovation levels, talent search and management can be a challenge. The recruitment of excellent employees and executives is a unique challenge due to geographic factors and the fact that most candidates are not known outside their own industry.

In the Horton International Industrial sector, our specialist expertise focuses either on classic Country/regional Management positions or on digitization and Industry 4.0. Thanks to our know-how in IT, manufacturing & engineering, we are in an ideal position to support the requirements of companies and their employees.

Since 1978, Horton International has been entrusted to conduct executive searches for CEO, C Level, Presidents, Directors, Managers and Specialists within the industry sector. We are unique in our capabilities to provide cross-border international searches for all functional groups in Industry and Manufacturing.

We work with clients across a variety of sectors such as:

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With innovation-driven searches, we find the ideal, loyal and reliable long-term-oriented executives and bring together compatible cultures and visions.

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