Not For Profit


At Horton International, whilst our raison d’etre lies in recruiting the best available talent for our healthcare clients, equally we are driven by their quest for treatments and cures for unmet medical needs.  We believe it is vitally important that the not-for-profit sector has access to the best quality search and selection services, in order to bring top talent into their organisations.  We have a well-established and growing reputation within the medical research charity and government healthcare agency sectors, and are committed to ensuring that such groups can benefit from our expertise.  

In the UK, we are proud supporters of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), the national membership organisation of leading medical and health research charities.  The AMRC supports both small and large charities, helping them deliver effective programmes, and influence the regulatory, policy and research environment.  Their members spend over £1.4bn a year on research of the highest quality in the UK, and work with them to help demonstrate and maximise the impact of their research to benefit patients.

Not-for-Profit Positions