Horton International can source and secures the most skilled executive talent for organisations.

At Horton International, we have developed an excellent international reputation for our high-quality delivery, combined with our diverse clients portfolio. Not only do we work with small-scale local companies and mid-sized businesses overseas, but also global multinational organisations. 

Dependable High-Quality Executive Search In Israel 

Horton International is small enough to care whilst also being large enough to network on an international scale. Our clients regularly seek out our industry expertise, and we pull out all the stops to ensure that we find the ideal candidates to fill their vacant executive roles. 

Our approach involves working closely with every client individually in order to pinpoint their specific needs, before identifying the most appropriate candidates to shortlist. We understand the importance of the right fit, and we take the time to ensure that we only shortlist individuals who will be able to integrate seamlessly with the company’s culture and workplace environment. 


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