Looking for a Change?

Looking for a Change?

Below is more relevant to 5mn+ Leadership Jobs.

Few facts…

  • 70-80% of jobs are never advertised – are filled with personal references or search and headhunting process.
  • Every advertised Job gets 100-1000+ responses – most of them irrelevant. 
  • 40-60% advertised jobs gets filled through references or search (Not responses)
  • 60-80% of CV’s are not up to the mark and most of the times misleading and harm the candidate then helping.
  • Professional / Visual CV making services are a big NO NO. A seasoned recruiter can easily recognize a professionally made CV. Your CV/Profile should represent your style and statement.
  • Seasoned recruiters/search companies research you and your background in depth and dig information that you would not provide them and then cross verify with you.
  • The referrals you provide to the recruit/search companies go in a dustbin. They will search for relevant referrals that you don’t want to give them.

Solution? Few action points below…

  • Don’t Lie / Hide / Mislead – a good executive search firm will find out what you are hiding anyway.
  • Don’t hide career gaps/entrepreneurship ventures. In today’s scenario, most of the employers consider entrepreneurship experience as an advantage.
  • Don’t hide your failures & learnings. If you are someone who has never failed – you are too good to believe.
  • Be Strategic. Have a ready list of companies you want to work with and do not want to work with. Do not compromise in any situation.
  • Don’t go on an applying spere. Job search is about quality and sharp shooting. Be relevant – read, research and ask yourself before applying: “Will I hire myself for this job if I was the hiring manager?”
  • Don’t be arrogant with a recruiter/employer. Always Communicate & Behave professionally.
  • Have a detailed updated Linkedin profile with a professional photograph. Update on a monthly basis. Use the same content for your word resume with few more details if required. Be consistent across the web.
  • Don’t make your resume a presentation of the organizations you have worked with and do not cut and paste your JD in your experiences. Just mention top 3 Key responsibilities & top 3 key achievements per assignment. Mention tangible deliverables wherever possible.
  • Don’t make desperate calls/contacts with recruiters/hiring managers. This kills your opportunity. One message is enough – Don’t forget you are dealing with senior recruiters. If a firm is not responding that clearly means they are not interested.
  • Keep networking on Linkedin & Join groups in your expertise are. Write something related to your field of expertise – if you don’t get time for writing – share something relevant on your profile. Minimum one a day.
  • Do not like/comment publicly for a Job advertised/shared on LinkedIn – send a personal message or connect with the concern
  • Accept a recruiter’s message/invite and respond professionally & promptly even if you are not interested. 
  • Don’t stop responding/be rude to a recruiter if you lose interest in mid of hiring process or unable to attend an interview or join.

Good Luck!! for your Executive Job Search!!

About the writer :

Ratnesh Jain is Research Partner at Horton International India.

He has 30+ years of professional and entrepreneurship experience in Executive Search Research, Strategy Consulting, eCommerce, FMCG, Retail Banking, Telecom, Healthcare, with companies like Bank of America, Hindustan Lever, Reliance Telecom, etc.

His Linked profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/ratneshjain/

He can be contacted at +91-8898038882 (Mobile), ratnesh@hortoninternational.com (Email)

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