Executive Search

Executive coaching has proven to be one of the most effective and modern development approaches for senior and executive management. Horton International is offering executive coaching based on our vision that successful leaders are able to combine, in a natural and balanced way, their business skills with inner motivation and authenticity. It’s through this combination that the leader will not only provide his team with a clear direction, but is also able to have them emotionally committed.

Coaching targets for leaders can be the following:

  • Develop more personal knowledge about behavior, drivers and motivators
  • Learn to deal with ambiguity
  • Learn how to put things in perspective
  • Develop the capacity to handle feedback effectively
  • Gain insight into personal blockages that obstruct effective leadership
  • Grow deeper insight in the organizational power dynamics and what role to play


Dependent on your particular coaching target(s), you will be receiving a customized proposal from us.