Quality prevails: For the 11th time in a row, Horton International Germany is the top personnel service provider in the FOCUS Business Ranking

Horton International Germany Named Top Personnel Service Provider in the FOCUS Business Ranking
Quality prevails: For the 11th time in a row, Horton International Germany is the top personnel service provider in the FOCUS Business Ranking

Some things never get old. This also applies to the award as TOP personnel service provider by FOCUS Business. In the search for the best personnel service providers in Germany, HAGER Executive Consulting was once again chosen.

Few topics have been discussed as intensively and debated by politics and business for several years as the cross-industry shortage of skilled workers. Despite in-depth research into the causes and discussion of sensible countermeasures, the trend continues unabated. According to an ifo survey conducted in August 2023, more than 40% of German companies are suffering from staff shortages, and the trend continues to rise. A less intensively discussed phenomenon, on the other hand, is the shortage of managers, which, on closer inspection, also results from the long-standing shortage of skilled workers and, as a result, will continue to gain in importance in the coming years. To put it simply: where there is already a shortage of skilled workers, it is difficult to develop qualified managers.

With the growing shortage of managers, the need for qualified personnel service providers in the field of executive search is increasing. Companies of all sectors and sizes rely on the expertise, experience and established networks of professional recruitment agencies when it comes to filling management positions. However, finding the right service provider at the first attempt is proving to be a challenge against the backdrop of a growing range of services and fierce competition.

With its annual selection of the top personnel service providers, the renowned FOCUS Business magazine offers a well-founded way of finding your way through the jungle of service providers. Together with the well-known research institute Statista, more than 4,000 personnel service providers are put out to tender for evaluation every year through a survey of HR managers and personnel service providers. The meticulous evaluation of the collected data results in a list of almost 300 award-winning personnel service providers, which in turn receive awards in various categories.

This year, for the 11th time in a row, HAGER Executive Consulting, our Horton Partners in Germany,  has once again succeeded in qualifying for the list of top personnel service providers in the field of executive search. This category is defined as the placement of executives with an annual salary of over 100,000 euros in a permanent position.

Once again, Horton International Germany has succeeded in independently proving its qualifications, as it has done with numerous other awards, some of which it has also received for many years in succession.

“It really doesn’t get boring to receive the news that we have been selected again,” emphasizes Martin Krill, Managing Partner of Horton International Germany. “On the contrary, we now look forward to the date every year. After all, in addition to the numerous positive responses from our satisfied clients, the award is confirmation that we are doing a good job together.”

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