Recruitment is NOT the job of the HR department

Recruitment is NOT the job of the HR department

The success of every team, every unit, every division, every company and every group depends on mainly one thing – its PEOPLE.

Right people at right time in right numbers are critical.

The quality of team members and their cohesion and motivation are key determinants of success.

It is thus imperative that every team leader, first level supervisory upwards – pays utmost attention to getting the right people to his team.

Thus it is critical that he/she talks very active interest in recruitment right from start through till on-boarding.

Sure , the HR department has a role – that of a facilitator.

Manpower Planning; JDs & Person Specs ; having right recruiters (whether internal or external) ; Employee Branding to attract & retain talent; competitive compensation & benefits strategies; proper on-boarding ; robust Performance managements systems; effective training ; Career planning; Organization Culture etc are all the job of the HR dept.

RECRUITMENT , however, to my mind ,is the job of every LINE manager – from first level Supervisor to CEO.

Yes the CEO !!!

In today’s competitive world, with quality resources increasingly scarce – proper recruitment / retention / people strategies , have to be amongst any proactive CEO’s top 5 items on agenda / KRA.

Thus Recruitment is NOT the job of HR Dept – ITS the job of EVERY TEAM LEADER team leader.

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