Selecting the Best Candidate

Selecting the Best Candidate

Paying the necessary attention and effort to the selection process of any candidate is an excellent investment of resources. The cost of a poor recruiting decision is extremely expensive, especially when it comes to executive level. To minimize the risk of error, we need to evaluate three key questions:

1. Can they do It? (knowledge/potential/capacity) “Installed Capacity”: First we need to clearly understand the job profile: Purpose; Objectives KPIs; Required Knowledge.

Based on this understanding of the requirements, it is necessary to find the evidence by getting to know:

  • Academic Background
  • First Hand Experience
  • Technical Mastery
  • General Competencies

2. Do they know how to do it? (Has done it or has been a part of it): Evaluate if the person has covered the position before or has been close to it and knows how it’s done but has not been the one in charge.

Normally, you will figure this out by digging into: Experience and Academic background. 

Superior interviewing and research skills are the key tools required to answer the two first questions. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of developing interviewing skills, not only for selection purposes, but it is one of those learnings that will help you achieve your key results in many ways.

Usually, when recruiting top level executives whom have been successful, finding evidence on the two questions above will be relatively easy. The success of these executives in a new organization depends more on answering positively the following question which can be the most difficult to evaluate, find the required evidence and source all the resources we could use beyond excellent interviewing. There are not many tools that can be of help here, but fortunately there is at least one that I know and have used successfully.

3. Will they do It? (Wants to do it?): The answer to this question requires a deep understanding of the organization’s culture and the key elements that fire the energy inside the individual. An excellent match between the organization and the individual is imperative to ensure success.

Regarding the organization, we need to have a deep understanding of its culture and motivations:

  • Vision / Mission /Strategies
  • Declared Values
  • Actual Values 
  • Behaviors displayed by the individuals and reinforced by the organization
  • Business Results vs Objectives and how these results are achieved

We need to look deep in the candidates the key elements that move them to act in the following ways:

  • Motivators
  • Life priorities
  • Behaviours
  • Personal context

Analyzing how the actual state of the elements above between the organization, the job profile and the candidate profile, is key to make sound judgement to choose those professionals who are most likely to succeed.

Many times, our customers do not have full clarity of many components of the key elements to evaluate and that’s where our consulting/advice delivers superior value. To achieve this, we offer committed and personal effort. It is one of the main reason why, by design, our business is focused on select client relationships in specific industries. This allows us access to the broadest possible universe of talent, prevents “off limits” conflicts and help us to form enduring strategic partnerships with clients.

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