Horton International’s capabilities mean that we can support your business and serve as an extension of your leadership team when it comes to your talent strategy.

Our consultants, with their blend of leadership experience and search expertise, as well as their far-reaching networks, are uniquely placed to support ambitious leaders who want to propel their organisations forward. Whether you want to recruit senior hires, bolster your talent strategy through a stronger succession pipeline, or are facing a different leadership challenge, we stand ready to help.

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Executive Search


We help you finetune exactly what your requirements are, and then find the right leader for your needs, wherever they are today, all the while tailoring our approach to your own processes – this is the fastest path to a successful appointment. 

Management Consulting


Turn your talent strategy and your leadership capabilities into hard-to-replicate competitive advantages – our tailored strategic human resources and organisational consulting services enable you to retain, develop, and transform your talent into a high-performing growth engine for your organisation.


Industry Expertise


Within each industry sector, Horton International has experience recruiting from the whole value chain. From initiation through operations to realisation.

We also are highly experienced in recruiting for staff and support functions at corporate and local levels


Our global reach puts us in a privileged position, combining our industry expertise with extensive geographic knowledge, and ever-growing executive networks. Whatever role you’re looking to fill, our global community gives us an unrivalled pool of talent to pick from.

Industry Pioneers, Visionary Entrepreneurs

 Our consultants are not just observers; they are pioneers and visionaries. They are seasoned entrepreneurs, industry specialists, and experts in the latest talent assessment technologies. They bring a wealth of experience and insights to the table, and they are always looking for new ways to help our clients succeed.

We provide strategic human resources and bespoke organisational consulting services. And we can help you to select the right psychometric tools for assessing candidates and evaluating teams. Along with that, we offer managers and highly qualified specialists career consultancy and coaching during phases of professional reorientation or change processes.

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