The best ways to motivate millennial employees

The best ways to motivate millennial employees

Millennials are now one of the largest age group at work, and leaders should think about the retention of these workers. However, it is not an easy task, as these young people are diverse in their interests and talents, especially as tech-savvy individuals. The most effective incentive programs for millennials focus on enabling flexible schedules, improving work-life balance, offering timely promotions and supporting community.

Flexibility is vital

This is the first generation who grew up fully immersed in the technological development. Flexibility is key for them, so they cannot accept rigid schedules any more. They are demanding this flexibility at work, as well. How to do it right? Meeting deadlines during traditional business hours are important, but that doesn’t mean employees can’t come in earlier or later — as long as the work is getting done. The driving force of making a millenial employee engaged to the company is undoubtedly a better work-life balance.

Timely promotions

Millennials will not slave away for a decade to get their well-earned promotion. They need immediate recognition, and they want their efforts being appreciated in a timely manner. As a leader, you can celebrate the little advancements and other successful milestones that happen along the way. Show your empolyees that their career development is happening in real time.

Giving back to the community

As millennials focus on equality, service and outreach, supporting their communities is just natural to them. And that is what they expect from their employers, too. They want to work for a company which incorporates eco-consciousness, community development and sustainability.

This age group is the future of the workforce, and they won’t go away if they get that appreciaton, a bit more flexibility, timely promotions and support for their community.

P. s.: A pat on the back sometimes won’t do any bad, either



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