The Importance of Career Coaching and Mentorship

The Importance of Career Coaching and Mentorship

Since 2008, I have been specifically involved in career coaching and mentoring of top executives and HR managers. I have partnered with more than 50 senior managers who have since either found a new senior management job or found another better job that was more suitable for them!

The reason I love doing this the most is because of the  incredible relationship growth we go through during the program as we learn and master the most appropriate methods. Afterwards, without exception, we develop a relationship that fills us with human values and guides us both along our journey.

Building a Strong Foundation: Growth and Support

Successful coaching leads to an incredible growth experience. We delve into the complexities of the job search, mastering effective methods that unlock a world of possibilities for clients. They often discover that coaching goes beyond traditional HR tactics, making it an enjoyable and transformative process.

Creating a relaxed and natural environment is key. Here, clients feel comfortable discussing professional anxieties and roadblocks. This open communication creates a supportive environment, allowing them to view challenges as opportunities for growth. The program offers a structured approach, ensuring a sense of steady progress. We guide clients through the job search process, revealing it as a learnable skill that empowers them to navigate the path to success.

Exploring Potential Through Insights and Strategies

Coaching unearths critical career insights – knowledge clients often wish they had access to earlier. We address specific areas like interview techniques, equipping them with tools to significantly enhance their performance.

The impact extends beyond the program. Clients consistently find themselves returning for guidance, allowing them to get their careers back on track multiple times. We explore the concept of “directed luck,” empowering clients to steer their careers in the most fulfilling directions. One client shared:

“At first, I didn’t understand ‘directed luck.’ Now I know it exists, and I can steer my career in the best direction.”

This sentiment underscores the lasting impact coaching can have on a client’s perspective and trajectory.

Mutual Benefit and Lasting Success

The benefits extend beyond individual success. Coaching enables clients to appreciate their current roles and understand the market better, creating greater job satisfaction. Ultimately, these improved perspectives lead to stronger connections with their companies, benefiting both parties.

Another client remarked:

“The career coaching ended with me not changing, but staying with my company. Through the sessions, I was able to get to know what the market is like, and at the same time, I was able to appreciate what I am getting now in my company.”

This exemplifies how coaching empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their careers, even if those decisions lead to staying put and thriving in their current role.

Mastering the Interview and Achieving Your Goals

Finally, the program equips clients with the skills to excel in final interview rounds. Through thorough preparation, they impress interviewers with their readiness and insightful perspectives. This ultimately leads to securing their desired positions within a shorter timeframe.

Investing in Your Future

It’s important to note that, under certain conditions, the career change program can be offered free of charge to first-line managers (CEO, MD) and senior HR executives at Horton International Hungary.

The path to career fulfilment can be challenging, but with the right guidance and support, achieving your goals becomes a reality. If you’re a top executive or HR leader seeking to unlock your full potential, consider partnering with a career coach. The journey may surprise you, but the rewards are undoubtedly worth it.

I ask everyone at the end of the programme whether they found it useful and, if so, what they found most valuable. Of course, the answers vary, but I have selected a few that are sometimes surprising, but all of them, without exception, have been a great pleasure:


“I would never have thought that sitting on the other side of the table would be so difficult, nor that the methods could be learned as much as anything else in life. Nor that knowledge + practice learned could be so effective” (this comment was made in 2009 when there were hardly any vacancies in management and this candidate had 6 offers from which to choose the one that suited him)


“I honestly thought this was going to be another nothing to get a grip on HR antics, but incredibly it’s not. I enjoyed every minute of it. And I hope I don’t have to, but I’d start again with you any day!”


“I’m captivated by the naturalness of the approach. How is it possible that I can meet you on the shore of Lake Balaton in a pizzeria, wearing shorts and discuss all the tensions I’m dealing with? How the hell do you always know what worries me?”


“It is very nice to feel that this is a problem, which after a terrible shock seems to me a personal failure, and every moment I feel that it is impossible, that this is happening to me; and for months I am thinking about what I should have done differently; and you say that it is not my problem, but a situation, only now I am at the centre of it and there is a solution, and it is so nice that you are a support when I have emotional ups and downs.”


“My perception from the beginning was that from the moment I first came to You, I was on a Star Wars “tractor beam” and with every figure I got closer to my new job. All I had to do was go to school and I got what we had in common. I don’t think I could have done it on my own.”


“You used to say that not knowing how to look for a job is not a problem it’s a natural situation because that’s not what we’re dealing with. Yet we all have to do it from time to time. Nobody can win a Formula 1 race if they’ve only got their licence before. Thanks for all the laps you’ve taken me to the finish line.”


“Wow, if I’d known that earlier, I’d have been somewhere else a long time ago. But it’s never too late.”


“I’m 47 years old, but no one has ever told me that it’s embarrassing not to look them in the eye during a trial. Because it bothers me a lot with a candidate, but I didn’t realise I was doing it. And thank you also for finding a solution that I am comfortable with and can use.”


 “Listen Sanyi, don’t ask stupid questions, this is the third time you’ve helped me get my life right. This one will work, just like the last two. What do you expect me to say? I’ll come if I have to, you’re the solution.”


“At first, I didn’t understand what ‘directed luck’ was. Now I know that it exists and I can do what I can to not get carried away by the job market, but to always go in the direction that is best for me.”


 “I also want to thank you for the fact that the career coaching ended with me not changing but staying with my company. It’s a good combination that you’re both looking for leaders and supporting leaders. Through this, I was able to get to know what the market is like and at the same time I was able to appreciate what I am getting now in my company. It’s strange, but this way my company can thank you for the career coaching!”


 “I used to smile big to myself when I was sitting there at the last round of presentations and the foreign senior manager would ask me questions and I always knew what his question was going to be. Because you knew what was coming. And it was. How the hell did you know, you didn’t even know? Unbelievable! In the end, the interviewer told me that he didn’t understand, that he felt like we were part acquaintances. That was because of you, Sanyi. And it was also because I got this job. I am indescribably happy that in less than 6 months I got the job I was looking for.”


The career change programme can also be free of charge under certain conditions for first-line managers (CEO, MD) and senior HR executives at Horton International Hungary. It is worth enquiring. First contact:

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