The New People Function And Its Impact

The New People Function And Its Impact
An upgrade of the Human Resources Function in Mexico has been needed for a long time but it is now, when General Managers are realizing that the main factor to succeed is people, when they are starting to get the courage to drive a dramatic change in talent management.

Since NAFTA was signed in 1994, and with more intensity during the last few years, with the impact of millennial entrepreneurs, we have found the need to educate and support customers in developing a People Function (a much better functional name, than Human Resources).

In Horton International – Mexico, in addition to providing the best Executive Search services in the Country, we provide consulting in People Function Strategy and Talent Development. Sometimes it is required to replace the HR function head or provide him/her with guidance to become the People Function Leader that is required. Our focus is in the following areas:

Top Leadership Readiness:

  • We make sure that general managers have a long-term vision, are convinced that they need to invest in people to succeed and are brave enough to drive dramatic change when required
  • In order to succeed it is essential that the people function leaders understand the business fundamentals and vision, make decisions based on data, are humble enough to accept the need for change, are brave and dynamic enough to drive change or step aside and are capable of influencing peers and the people function team
  • Focus the people function on developing human and organizational capability to achieve superior business results and to achieve this, we offer:

To Increase Human Capability:

  • The best Executive Search available in Mexico
  • Market mapping
  • Talent evaluation
  • Taylor made consulting to develop or strengthen Talent Management processes
    • Competency model
    • Position and candidate profiles
    • Performance review processes and Development plans
    • Talent Mapping model and sessions

To Increase Organizational Capability:

  • Organizational Alignment
  • Value System definition
  • Cultural GAP evaluation – Humantelligence™
  • Cultural alignment plans

When we can provide these consulting services we penetrate our customers’ organizations to deeply understand the culture and the talent needs that help position our Executive Search services, our core business, and build solid-rock relations with the key players of their organizations.

Having a solid understanding of what the People Function can, and must do, for their companies, is an important competitive advantage that helps position us with very good seniority and depth.

Below is a very simple chart showing the People Function according to my view.

People Function


By Carlos Lahud Flores – Principal Consultant – Horton International Mexico

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