WEBINAR – Employee Retention Masterclass: Strategies Every CEO Should Know

WEBINAR – Employee Retention Masterclass: Strategies Every CEO Should Know

In the current dynamic realm of business, retaining top talent is critical for organizations looking to thrive. Companies are redefining their employee retention strategies to adapt to changing expectations and evolving workplace dynamics.

Join our upcoming webinar to gain essential insights from industry experts.

Hosts Guillermo R. Cepeda and Larry Silverberg will explore:

  • Engagement Strategies: Learn how genuine engagement and presence can transform your organization.
  • Heart-Centered Leadership: Discover ways to attract and retain top talent through empathetic and authentic leadership.
  • Trust Building: Understand how to foster trust within your team to drive innovation.
  • Creating Safe Environments: Explore methods to create a workplace where employees feel valued and want to stay.
  • And much, much more!Sign up to secure your spot: https://hortonlive.carrd.co/

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Webinar Hosts

Guillermo R Cepeda

With over 20 years of experience in executive search consultancy, Guillermo R. Cepeda has been instrumental in driving growth and innovation for a diverse array of organizations across the U.S. and Latin America. As a Global Shareholder at Horton International and as a Partner at Horton International in Mexico, Guillermo has showcased unparalleled leadership qualities, strategic vision, and a remarkable ability to successfully execute sophisticated and complex high-level executive search projects.Prior to his tenure at Horton International, Guillermo’s entrepreneurial spirit and strategic acumen were evident in his role as Managing Partner of eVision Partners, a private venture capital group focused on Latin America and emerging markets. He also co-founded DeRemate.com, the leading online C2C trading platform in Latin America, and served as Senior Manager Latin America for Siebel Systems, playing a crucial role prior to its acquisition by Oracle, among other senior managerial positions in Mexican companies in the manufacturing, finance, and hospitality industry sectors.Guillermo holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. He actively advises several institutions and is an LP at Angel Ventures, Soldiers Field Angels, and at AVP Ventures. Guillermo’s profound positive impact on the organizations he collaborates with is a testament to his dedication, expertise, strategic vision, and results.

Larry Silverberg

Larry has toured the world for 30 years as a specialist in the Art of Inspired Communication, working with corporate leaders, founders, teams, trial attorneys and professional athletes in his revolutionary techniques for greater authenticity, creativity, resiliency, innovation and humanity.Larry is also the foremost authority on the Sanford Meisner technique of acting and he is the world’s most published acting coach with 18 published books on the craft of acting.Midwest Books said, “Larry Silverberg is arguably the foremost master acting teacher of our time.”Larry has trained thousands of actors in Hollywood, on the Broadway stage and acting teachers from around the globe.

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