What are the most important IT trends for SMBs in 2020?

What are the most important IT trends for SMBs in 2020?

With technology rapidly evolving and impacting all businesses, small-medium companies can’t afford to ignore the various developments that are on the way.

We look at the top trends that are likely to impact your small-medium business in 2020:

Automation and AI

Artificial intelligence and related automation software technologies were once believed to be far too “big” for small businesses. That’s changing rapidly now. In fact, the evolution AI has brought can greatly benefit small businesses, allowing the streamlining of a number of business processes, including customer service, accounting, data entry and email marketing.

Data Analytics

The right access to data is, naturally, essential to business growth. But with so much information to analyse, this can be cumbersome. Luckily, cognitive services reliant on the cloud are boosting adoption by cutting down the expertise, time and investment required to sift through data. Therefore, you can expect more SMBs to use the technology to better inform their strategy at a more granular level.

Widespread use of Collaboration Tools

As more small businesses around the world take advantage of a remote workforce to better scale their operations, collaboration software will become vital – with tools seamlessly connecting in-house staff with employees and contractors around the globe. This will lead to enhanced productivity.

Our infographic delves into the top trends affecting SMBs in 2020 – Click the infographic to enlarge.

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