Whatever happened to client service?

Whatever happened to client service?


Whatever happened to client service? A couple of things have happened recently that really have me mystified and I’d welcome your thoughts.

Over the past week or two I’ve been fortunate to be looking to award two $25,000 contracts to external parties: one concerns our global conference next year, and the other is for legal services.

Let’s start with the conference. I found a hotel that I really like and sent a message via their website. No response. So I wrote again a few days later. Still nothing. I’m persistent so I called the hotel and asked for sales. Spoke to a salesperson who asked for my email – I wrote and, you’ve guessed it – no response. I’m astonished. Maybe they just don’t need my business.  I find the whole scenario so surprising.  Since then, I’m happy to report, I have heard from the GM so we’re back on track, but really not a great first impression and many people might not have persisted, immediately losing them business!

Next, the hunt for legal services. It’s in a specialist field and there are global experts. We have a quote from a UK firm recommended by our own lawyers (who don’t work in that particular area) and it’s prudent to get a couple more. I emailed the department manager at a law firm here in Thailand that has done similar work for us: no response. One of the leading international firms in this specialist area also has an office in Thailand; I called and explained our needs to the Managing Partner’s colleague a week ago and I have yet to hear from them.

I just don’t understand what is going on in within these companies, to be so off-hand when business is coming to them on a plate.

At Horton International, we pride ourselves on our client service. We want our clients and candidates to feel valued from that very first interaction with us and we’ll go that extra mile to give the best service we possibly can. 

If you are a potential client and you want to test me on that, please get in touch! I’ll be in your office right away to take the brief.  




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