Why Horton

We are driven by a single purpose - helping our clients achieve their business objectives.

Our philosophy is that executive searches are best performed with a continuous commitment to our clients’ long-term success.

We believe it is crucially important to understand the culture of an organisation, as well as the true context in which individuals will be working.  We help minimise the risk of the recruitment and appointment process by identifying candidates who have the appropriate blend of competence, credibility and character to succeed in the context of your organisation’s values and culture.


Each Engagement is Tailored

Unlike most in our space, our processes do not follow a rigid one-size-fits-all approach which is set in stone. Instead, we are built with adaptability at the core, and bolt ourselves into your ways of working.  This means that all the time you spend in partnering with us is focused on high-value activities, i.e., growing your business with the perfect-fit talent.


Bringing You The Best Candidates

Our consultants immerse themselves into your business and help you refine what you are looking for specifically, which leads them to have a much deeper understanding of who is likely to lead your organisation to success, meaning you meet candidates you may not have thought of before, but are a perfect fit.

This ability to identify such strong talent is further supported by our consultants’ wide networks and strong links with some of the market’s best talent. We focus on bringing you the best candidates, not just the obvious candidates.

Global Scale, Local Understanding

Horton has offices in over 35 countries and has a deep local understanding of the cultural dynamics in each one of them. No matter where you are hiring, we likely already know the right candidates, or the people who know the right candidates, either locally or abroad.

Partnering up with Horton International means having access to a large pool of entrepreneurs and consultants who all came together with the express intention of collaborating and making each other, the group, and crucially our clients, successful.

Our structure also means we can work across borders with increased agility, not red tape, which enables us to run multi-country search rapidly, and tailor our services to you based on who is best placed to support you, irrespective of where they operate from.

And because we are run locally and coordinate strategically at a global level, our services are tailored to the needs of each individual market. We do not force globally standardised solutions which may prove inadequate, but rather handpick those we know are most likely to move the needle in each market. Our approach is globally localised, and this is one of the many reasons our clients love working with us.

If you are currently needing advice on your talent strategy or in finding that leader that will help your business on its journey to excellence,
get in touch with us and let us be a part of your success story.