Close and Active Relationships

Horton International measures itself not just on the placement of individuals, but on the relationships, it builds along the way.

Our philosophy is to form close and active relationships with people we meet along our path; clients, candidates, prospects, informers, industry experts and colleagues.

Our in-depth relationship among Horton International consultants across the globe is one of our key foundations, why we in an efficient and adequate way successfully can handle and deliver top class services to our clients all over the world.

This networking mindset is crucial for us to be on top of things and close to the information we require to give the right advices and finding the adequate candidates.

In addition, our client-centric culture ensures consistent quality, service and results – regardless of geography or discipline.

A significant percentage of Horton International’s business results comes from client referrals and repeat business. In addition to reflecting our clients’ level of satisfaction, this arrangement helps us form long-term, meaningful relationships with both organisations and potential candidates.

By design, our business is focused on select client relationships in specific industries. This affords us access to the broadest possible universe of talent, prevents “off limits” conflicts and allows us to form enduring strategic partnerships with clients.