Our clients are companies that engage us to find highly qualified people that matches well with the company and specific roles. Our candidates are people whom we identify, or who are identified to us, as being qualified and the best fit for the for the specific role. Key to success in a placement is to match the candidate and organisation in order to achieve a cultural-fit regarding both values and attitude. As such, we have responsibilities to both clients and candidates.

In balancing our dual responsibility, we will provide clients with practical solutions and professional advice on how, when and where to recruit, as well as how to attract and select the best people.

We will provide candidates with an honest representation of an opportunity with a client.  We will deal with each individual in an open manner, selecting only according to ability, suitability, experience and the special circumstances of a specific opportunity.

Our role is to bring about results that deliver long-term benefit for our clients and, therefore, by definition to our candidates. To achieve this aim, we have to earn the trust of all parties in the search process.

Our commitment to you is that we will work closely with you, and that we will act ethically and fairly throughout the process so that you may trust us to represent your best interests at all times.

Key to success in a placement is to achieve a cultural-fit regarding both values and attitude


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been approached by us to discuss a particular opportunity, you already have a specific point of contact within Horton International. We encourage you to contact this person for advice and guidance. Although our clients are employer organisations, Horton is always interested in hearing from experienced executives and managers who may be contemplating a career move. If you want your resume or CV on file with Horton International, please email it to the office or country where you are located. We may not be able to respond to every resume we receive, but you can be confident that Horton International will never reveal your background to a prospective client without first discussing the situation with you at some length. Candidate resumes are never circulated.

Horton International is not an outplacement firm and so we do not find jobs for individuals seeking employment. However, if we are aware of a client need that may be a good fit with your skills and situation, we will contact you to discuss the opportunity.

Yes, as a matter of internal policy and in accordance with all local jurisdictions in which we operate.