Interim Management

In a constantly changing economic environment, finding the right talent to help your business grow can be a complex puzzle. The time it takes to hire a replacement or new talent can sometimes exceed your expectations, given the ongoing pressure in the talent market.

At Horton International Benelux, we understand these challenges, and our 30+ years of experience and extensive network can offer you a solution. We have built a large pool of highly qualified Interim Managers, having successfully resolved staffing issues for numerous customers across various sectors.

Whether you need an interim C-level Executive, Change Manager, Project Manager, HR Manager, or Finance Manager, we have the ideal “fit for purpose” personality who aligns with your Company DNA and culture during your Change & Transition phase.

As an International senior recruitment organization, we also extend our assistance for interim solutions abroad through close collaboration with our international colleagues.

Feel free to reach out to us without hesitation if you require an interim solution. We are here to support your business’s growth and success.