Making the Move

Making the Move

When I was a student at Williams College, I often thought I would head off into the world of entrepreneurialism. I’m an Economics geek and have spent a fair amount of my career working on growing teams, building revenue streams, coaching, teaching and learning. I loved all the jobs I’ve had, but there was always a yearning to lead a company.

I was attracted to Horton International-NA for several reasons. Their reputation in the Executive Retained Search Industry was outstanding, secondly I liked the business model, but most importantly I would have the opportunity to make an impact on not only this team, but on all of the clients they work with.
Finding great talent isn’t easy. Supply and Demand. Demand is high for creating the perfect culture – the dream teams. Supply isn’t necessarily low, it just isn’t easy to uncover. That’s what our team here at Horton International-NA gets to do every day – empower great leaders to build their dream teams.

As I look to the future of our business, I see great opportunity. The Millennial generation, larger than our famed Baby Boomers, is leading the new work culture, driving our economy in new directions and changing the way we think and do business. The days of ivory towers, cubicles, and structured 40 hour work weeks may have reached their peak. Bring on virtual assistants, global economies, unstructured days, open office spaces, and the digital world we live in.

What will the workplace look like in 5, 10 or 20 years? Different. Energetic. Dynamic. Creative. Inquisitive. Transparent. Visionary.

I’m looking forward to leading our team here at Horton International – NA into the next generation of dream teams.

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