The future of work

The future of work

The world of work is changing. Automation and artificial intelligence are coming. With the emergence of AI and robotics, many fears have emerged of humans’ displacement from workforce. But actually automation’s impact could even have a positive impact on how we work. How will automation change the world of work?

The cost savings of automation are just too compelling for companies to ignore emerging digital trends any more, and technical innovations can even have a positive impact on the organisation. What are the expectations for the future of work?

Machines augmenting humans

First of all, the impact of automation very much depends on the type of role being automated. Some jobs require emotional intelligence, cognitive thinking and cultural understanding that machines just can’t replace. So robots are expected to augment rather than replace existing human workforces.

More challenging work

The deployment of automation should not mean humans are displaced from the workforce but rather that they are diverted to other areas of the business. Routine or repetitive tasks can be handed off to fast and accurate smart machines. This way humans’ jobs can be replaced with more challenging and varied work. This is not only good for the corporation, creating a focus on higher value tasks, but also good for the employee, who may find their new tasks more motivating.

The on-demand employee

Digital technology has given rise to a new workforce: the flexible on-demand employee who uses the latest technology platforms. Those companies that wish to find and keep the best talent will increasingly need to focus on the platforms underpinning their customer experience solutions. This means that it became essential for leaders to make the right investment in the right technology solutions in order to attract the right talent.

So leaders need not fear the changes, rather make the most out of it. By investing in new technologies, companies have the potential to deliver improved experiences for customers, create more rewarding jobs for employees, and generate more innovative and relevant solutions in a fast-changing world.

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