What are the most Important IT trends For Enterprises in 2020?

What are the most Important IT trends For Enterprises in 2020?

Many tech experts are calling current times the “fourth industrial revolution” because technology is now evolving more rapidly than ever.

Enterprises that fail to keep up with the following IT trends in 2020 risk falling behind.

Digital Transformation 2.0

While digital transformation 1.0 has mostly focused on mobility, big data, ubiquitous connectivity and new applications, 2.0 will integrate even more bleeding-edge technologies like advanced robotics, autonomous devices, AI, machine learning and automation into enterprise as well as consumer ecosystems.

5G Data Networks

The fifth generation of mobile connectivity will undeniably pave the way for ultra-fast speeds, along with more stable and consistent connections. Even though 5G networks were available in 2019, they were limited to working in major cities or confined areas only, while also being quite expensive to acquire. In 2020, 5G is likely to take off in a big way through greatly improved coverage and more economical data plans.

AI and Automation

Enterprises are far more likely to give in to and rely on AI and automation in 2020. As such, their uses will expand to other business operation areas. For instance, when it comes to enterprise technology management, bots will be integrated, enabling AI to effortlessly perform tasks like restructuring bill payments to save more time and money or negotiating contracts – all without any human intervention whatsoever.

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