Meet Figaro: Talent Consultant For The Hybrid Age

Meet Figaro: Talent Consultant For The Hybrid Age

At Horton International, we’re delighted to welcome Figaro den Hollander, our new Partner – Benelux region. With over twenty years in the talent search industry, Figaro has seen how the world of work has changed. Now, Figaro focuses on helping businesses in their need to transform by helping them find the right talent, that is capable to bring change to the organisations.

We spoke to Figaro to find out how he supports clients entering the hybrid age.

Figaro, we’re delighted to have you on board; Why did you decide to join Horton International?

I am really happy to join Horton International for a number of reasons. I am particularly enjoying the entrepreneurial DNA of the organisation, the pragmatic approach and network of my international professional colleagues. Also, I appreciate how fast-paced Horton International is. In my last 20 years in the profession, I see that the dynamics of talent search are fast evolving. It’s great to be in an organisation that recognises this change and actively supports clients with this fast-moving transformation.

What transformations do you see in the industry?

The first is how quickly decisions are made. In the past, decisions in the boardroom would focus on the upcoming 3-5 years, if not longer. Now, in the world of pivots, shifts and digitalisation, most of my clients are forced to focus on the upcoming two years. Their decision making remains strong but also adds in the flexibility needed for evolution and adaptation.

How do you think this faster decision making is affecting recruitment?

The pace of change is increasing, which means talent search has to be fast. Finding the right person must be quicker yet still as thorough to ensure the right talent for the role and organisation. In addition to the faster pace, the best transformations are realized by diverse teams. We have a different and more agile way to help our clients with these challenges.

The other consideration is that in this fast-moving world, talent needs to be up and running in the organisation as soon as possible. In the past, there was more time for new recruits to find their feet. Now, talent and the onboarding processes must be raring to go!

For us in talent search, this means a new and faster way of recruiting senior talent, combining talent management, succession planning and executive search.

What challenges do you think this brings?

Changing how an organisation has been operating for years is one of the most challenging issues for board-level and operation alike. Breaking the chain of how we did it in the past will bring you much quicker into the future. Hence the need for talent “outside of your sector” which will bring new ideas and insights to achieve this necessary change. It becomes more and more clear that diversity in all its aspects impacts growth and transformation for every organization in every sector.

And what do you see for the future of talent search?

I think we will experience an even faster pace in talent movements in the coming decade, with switches between sectors and international talent becoming more accessible due to hybrid ways of working.

Although technical skillsets will remain of great importance, new attitudes and authenticity will make the difference in being a thriving 21st-century enterprise. Flexibility, creative problem solving, ownership with the willingness to take responsibility combined with the ability to build and manage mixed teams and the charisma to keep the (hybrid working) team together and motivated.

I also see the future workforce as needing greater agility in the generation mix as well as different contract types from interim, hybrid and, of course, permanent payroll employers.

How do you think you and Horton International can help organisations with this?

Personally, I am looking forward to helping companies expand their business internationally and find the best solutions in a difficult talent market. This combines my local knowledge with international experience and a network of colleagues. I have developed a model in which we can help clients in a very early stage to identify their need for new and or different talent that is capable to help organize the needed transformation that all organisations will experience sooner or later. Platform thinking, new business model development, transparent ways of conducting the business will become more and more in demand. I will be mindful of the core future-proof skills that organisations require and will search across sectors to find the ideal talent for our clients.



Horton International is known for its future-ready expertise, and by tapping into their wealth of data, a network of industry leaders, and solution-minded focus means we can give clients that much-needed headstart in a fast-moving landscape!

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